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things to do in chiang mai

10 Best Things to do in Chiang Mai

Discover the best things to do in Chiang Mai!  The 10 best things to do in delightful, historical Chiang Mai.  There are hundreds of temples, friendly locals, great food and wonderful scenery in and around the city.  What are you waiting for?! Continue reading

Getting Around – Motorbike Rental in Chiang Mai


So you want to get around independently in Thailand, what are you going to do?  Spend around 1000 baht ($33) per day on a rental car, or rent a motorbike for 250 baht per day?  For most people on a budget the answer is obvious.  Motorbikes are not only cheaper but more fun and you don’t get stuck in traffic.

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Staying in a Temple – Buddhism, Meditation & Thai Culture

‘Boy I’m glad I’m not a monk.’

This thought came to mind after my first sunrise alms round accompanying the barefoot monks from the wat where I was staying as part of a unique temple stay programme.   Not because of getting up pre-dawn every day (I’d like that part) and not because of having to shave off my hair and eyebrows.  Not even because of having to forgo any form of sexual pleasure and follow 226 other ‘precepts’ or rules for everyday living. Continue reading