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4 Great Ways to see Thailand whilst travelling

4 great ways to see Thailand whilst travelling

There’s no denying that Thailand is the must-visit place for many budding travellers, a safe yet exciting choice for a first trip. With that being said, you may be stuck when deciding just where to go in the country. Don’t limit yourself – make the most of its diversity by considering these 4 Thai travel ideas. Continue reading

Doi Inthanon

Chiang Mai to Doi Inthanon

Heading for Doi Inthanon National Park, we left Chiang Mai by the riverside road, winding our way through villages with the muddy brown waters of the River Ping by our side.

This scenic route to Thailand’s highest mountain passes stunning temples, their golden columns shining in the sun, traditional teak houses – from the ramshackle to the grand – and in minutes takes you from Chiang Mai’s busy traffic to quiet, rural Thailand. Continue reading

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Thai Buddhism

You can’t spend much time in Thailand without coming across a Buddhist temple or seeing saffron-robed Buddhist monks. Maybe you know a lot about Thai Buddhism but do you know about the rules for Buddhist monks? Here are 10 curious things that you maybe didn’t know about Buddhism and monks in Thailand – and information on how to stay in a Buddhist temple. Continue reading

Facing Fear – A Difficult Journey on a Meditation Retreat

Years ago, on my first backpacking trip in Asia, I abandoned my plan to explore the Thai islands and instead left Bangkok to return to India, where I’d just spent a few months.   Choosing introspection and reflection over full moon parties and excess, I had decided to do a meditation retreat and flew to Calcutta, then embarked on a fifty hour train journey across the sub continent to the southern city of Ahmedabad. Continue reading