Cape Town Sidecar Tour

Cape Town Sidecar Tour

I’ve harboured a dream to ride in a sidecar since I was a young child.   My childhood dream finally came true in spectacular style in Cape Town with Cape Sidecar Adventures.   Along with my friend, I embarked on a truly memorable trip on one of my last days in the Mother City.

I’ve had many biker friends but have never encountered anybody with a sidecar – Harley owners and plastic fantastic fiends don’t rate them as cool and they would be a pain in London’s traffic.  This was going to be my first chance ever to ride in one!

Cape Town Sidecar Tour

Deven, our fun and friendly bike chaffueur who has 40 years experience of riding motorbikes

Seeing Cape Town from a Sidecar

My excitement was almost at fever pitch by the time our biker chauffeur, Deven, swept into our accommodation with the vintage World War II motorbike and sidecar.  We donned great leather jackets, retro helmets and goggles and set off on our unique adventure.

My friend, Louisa, was riding pillion behind Deven to begin with and I had first go in the sidecar (we swapped places throughout the trip).  The classic sidecar attracts lots of attention – Deven said he hoped we’d been practicing our royal wave! –  and we were grinning and waving at pedestrians and other road users as we made our way through the streets of Cape Town towards the coast.

Cape Town Sidecar Tour

A great viewpoint with Table Mountain National Park in the background

We passed through Hout Bay and took the road along the spectacular coastline, stopping at viewpoints to gasp at the beauty and take photos.  After a while we turned around and headed back, passing Clifton, Camps Bay and the small, stunning Llandudno Beach. We stayed on the coast road as long as possible before turning inland and heading back to Cape Sidecar Adventures HQ to meet the owner, Tim.

As well as being a café, HQ is an Aladdin’s Cave of motorcycles and vintage sidecars and anybody interested in old style bikes will love having a look around.

Cape Town Sidecar Tour

Arriving back at my hotel in style

I asked Tim a bit about his clientele and found out that they get many nervous first timers who’ve never ridden a motorbike before.  I think these bikes are ideal for anybody a bit hesitant, they don’t go too fast and they are very stable; a perfect introduction to biking.  Tim also mentioned that their oldest client to date was a 94 year old local woman.  I hope I’m as adventurous as that if I make it to 94!

Like most people who visit, I fell in love with Cape Town’s wonderful coast and to see it from the sidecar on a warm, sunny day was something I’ll never forget.  Many thanks to Cape Sidecar Adventures for making my childhood dream come true.

Cape Sidecar Adventures website

Phone number: +27 21 434 9855

Cape Town Sidecar Tour


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