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Thanks for stopping by and reading about some of my adventures in 50+ countries, from the deserts of Arabia to the jungles of Thailand.

The Travel Dream

All I ever wanted to do as a child was travel and move to somewhere sunny and warm to live.

I’m from Scotland originally – hence the desire for sun and heat! – but spent most of all of my adult life in London, England before moving to Dubai a few years ago. What joy it was to finally escape the British weather and live in the sun, close to the calm blue sea, with the desert visible from my window!

I now live in the beautiful old city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

My favourite things

I’m a news junkie and follow current affairs. I love listening to people’s stories and reading books about exploring and adventures, particularly mountaineering. I’m a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner (it’s a lot more intriguing that it sounds!).

I love being active, I’m a keen Crossfitter and adore the great outdoors, particularly hiking, cycling and kayaking.

As for favourite places: my home country, Scotland (of course!), for its stunning, rugged beauty and warm, funny people (shame about the weather); for wonderful, hospitable people it has to be Iran, hands down, no competition; for food it’s India; for a great mix of outdoors activities, great scenery and rich history then Oman; for beauty,  Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Namibia; my favourite cities are Dubai, London and New York.




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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Lyn

    Thanks for sharing your stories, I too have a fascination with what makes people tick, why some are driven to adventures and others not. I’m in the latter sadly. I love people’s stories too and one of the best for me was reading of Janine Shepherd’s experience in Never Say Never. Have you read her story?
    Our dog, Sado, also thinks she is second in command and would prefer me to sleep on the floor so she could snuggle with my Steve! When we go for walks she likes to walk up front with Steve and have me walk behind always tried to get between Steve and myself. Argh to get into their minds to find out just what does make them tick would be amazing.

    1. Candice - Desert to Jungle Post author

      I’ve not read Janine’s story I’ll have a look. Steve is a big softie with Mango and I’m stricter so I don’t know where she gets her ideas! Although she’s a lot better now, for the first long while we had here she really was battling with me and like Sado, always wanted to be next to ‘the Boss’.

  2. HnD

    I think I have just signed up for e-mail notifications. Don’t worry about the email address I have used. I one I use that one for this kind of thing.

    1. Candice - Desert to Jungle Post author

      Thanks for signing up HnD. Your comment about the email address you used reminded to add a ‘no spam ever’ promise to the sign up text. Thanks!


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