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Do you have something to share with me?  Or a question to ask?  Go right ahead, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Ruthann Grey

    I want to sign up for regular postings. Didn’t see how to do it on the site. Going to Dubai Feb 7 – 14th.

  2. Sims (Patrick) Harrigan

    Hi. Thank you for all your info. Going to Dubai in November, on my bucket list. Being from Southern California , I wear shorts a lot, long ones especially. It’s one thing to not worry about , even as a guy!
    In reading, you mentioned restaurants that serve liquor, but then mentioned bars at hotels, are there restaurants that serve liquor , not connected to hotels?
    Thanks again, Patrick

    1. Candice - Desert to Jungle Post author

      Hi Patrick, to have a liquor licence a restaurant must be part of a hotel. Restaurants not connected to a hotel are ‘dry’.

      There are some places where this connection is somewhat stretched but overall it’s safe to assume that if you want to drink alcohol you’ll have to go to a hotel. The bar scene in Dubai is hotel-based.

      Have a great trip!


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