ramadan in dubai marina

Ramadan in Dubai – Everything you need to know

Answers to all your questions  for Ramadan in Dubai 2018 – What can I wear during Ramadan in Dubai? Can I eat in public during Ramadan?  Can I drink alcohol in Dubai during Ramadan? And lots more!

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things to do in chiang mai

10 Best Things to do in Chiang Mai

Discover the best things to do in Chiang Mai!  The 10 best things to do in delightful, historical Chiang Mai.  There are hundreds of temples, friendly locals, great food and wonderful scenery in and around the city.  What are you waiting for?! Continue reading

4 Great Ways to see Thailand whilst travelling

4 great ways to see Thailand whilst travelling

There’s no denying that Thailand is the must-visit place for many budding travellers, a safe yet exciting choice for a first trip. With that being said, you may be stuck when deciding just where to go in the country. Don’t limit yourself – make the most of its diversity by considering these 4 Thai travel ideas. Continue reading

taking medication into dubai

Simple Guide for taking Medication into Dubai

What do I need to know about taking my medication into Dubai?  Is my medication banned in Dubai?

This simple guide to taking medication into Dubai will answer these important, and often troubling, questions.  Thankfully, the rules for taking medication into Dubai are very straightforward. Continue reading

Bakhla fort oman

Top 12 Things to do in Amazing Oman

Great things to do in Oman.  Where to start?!  It’s full of stunning natural beauty, history, and opportunities for adventure that is also blessed with friendly and welcoming people.  With over 500 forts, turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs, the ruggedly beautiful Al Hajar mountains, and the shimmering sands of the Wahiba dunes, the country is an undiscovered jewel.  And it’s probably safer than your home country.  There are so many things to do and see in Oman that you will be spoiled for choice Continue reading

grand mosque abu dhabi

7 Great Activities to make you want to visit Abu Dhabi

7 things to do in Abu Dhabi may not sound like many but each one is awesome!  Abu Dhabi has lots of exciting activities to offer lovers of luxury, nature, culture, thrills and wildlife. Continue reading

dubai desert safari

The 21 Most Exciting Things to do with Kids in Dubai

Dubai is a wonderful destination for families!  There are tons of activities to keep children happy and engaged meaning parents will be happy too.  I’ve picked the 21 Most Exciting Things to do with Kids in Dubai and broken them down into indoor and outdoor activities.  Continue reading